Packing Your Boxes - Storage By The Box

Packing Your Boxes

Some people might be curious on how to pack goods into a box safely and efficiently.  Here our some top tips to ensure your items are safe and secure:

First line your box with protective material like the free bubblewrap that comes with your box.

Next place any delicate items in their own cocoon of newspaper or preferably bubblewrap for added protection. Remember we don’t accept any stolen goods or drugs so don’t go hiding anything cheeky in our boxes. If you are intending to store glass items in the box please add more layers of bubble wrap!! (Just reduces the risk of any damage)

Put your squishiest and softest items at the bottom and top of the box, and your most precious items in the middle. (This makes a shield like barrier for the more delicate items… If you have any)

Try not to leave box with empty space – We want you to be able to store as much goods away as possible. (Don’t try and cram stuff in though… Doesn’t work out too well)

Also be careful not to put more in there than the box is designed for  a box has its limits– if you can’t close the lid, then there’s too much in there, the box isn’t as strong as you and could break if storing heavy items.  You also need to remember we can only lift a certain amount of weight. So try to make sure it isn’t TOO heavy for us…

Finally close the box and make sure it is closable and feels light enough to carry without any tares in the box. Tape it up with the parcel tape given to you and now it is ready for the Door2Door team to pick up and store.