Storage By The Box

Storage By The Box... a new idea to the UK but one that makes a lot of sense...

The UK has seen enormous growth in the self storage sector over the last 10 years and for many people it makes a lot of sense. However for some, storage by the box, is becoming a much better solution to our storage problems...

Some of the advantages to storage by the box are:

1. No need to rent a whole self storage room to hold just a few boxes. Just pay for the number of boxes that you want to store... With prices from just £1.00 per box per month this is a big saving over any self storage facility.

2. Self storage companies will charge you at least £2.00 for a nice strong cardboard box to store your possessions in.  If you also want them delivered to your house or office they will then charge you to deliver them. At Door2DoorStorage there is NO CHARGE for boxes and NO CHARGE for delivery to your doorstep no matter how many you want...

3. Free Pick Up Services - the normal cost to hire a van to take your things into storage is at least £50.00 per day, and then there's the hassle of driving there filling up with fuel, insurance etc etc. With Door2DoorStorage we pick up your boxes for free... and take them safely to our storage warehouse.

4. If you want to add more boxes you can at any time and when you want to have your boxes re-delivered then all you have to do is email us and we will arrange the rest. 


If this sounds of interest or if you have any queries please contact us at: