FAQ - Boxes


How big are your boxes?

You can choose from three different sizes –

Standard –   51cm x 40cm x 32cm Volume 65 Litres Weight 20Kg

Extra Large – 59cm x 41cm x 41cm Volume 99 Litres Weight 25Kg

Small Suitcase/Holdall – Up to 78cm x 35cm x 35cm Weight 25Kg

Large Suitcase -   Up to 85cm x 58cm x 42cm Weight 30Kg


Which size should I choose?

It always helps to choose the box size that you can completely fill. 

How much are the boxes?

All our boxes are free. Yes FREE….!!  We will also send you a roll of parcel tape. Choose however many boxes or suitcases you require and we will arrange to have your boxes and suitcases covers delivered to you on the day of your choice. Delivery Monday to Friday is FREE. 

What kind of boxes does BoxiStore supply?

Our boxes are high-quality, heavy-duty boxes made from double-walled, corrugated cardboard. We also give you premium packing tape, to keep your boxes together.

Can I use my own boxes?

Yes of course you can. We are very flexible. Just contact us to let us know the dimensions and weight, how long you want to store for, and we will give you a very competitive quotation.

We do ask that you make sure the boxes you choose are sufficiently sturdy to do the job, and that they are no heavier than 25kg when full.

Please don’t risk damage to your items by using any old box – it needs to be heavy-duty. Our boxes are double-walled, corrugated cardboard and are able to handle significant weight and they are FREE…!

We would ask that you read through our packing tips to make sure that your belongings will be safe.

Our drivers are strong, but they’re not superheroes. To protect their backs, we ask that you stick to the limit for each box.

What happens if I miss delivery?

If you miss your scheduled slot we may charge you a £9.95 re-delivery fee.

Do you deliver on a Saturday?

Yes - please contact us for details