London - Self Storage Pick Up and Re - Delivery

London - Storage Pick Up and Re Delivery
London Self Storage Pick Up and Re Delivery
Self Storage in London without leaving your home or office..!
Whether you’re a student requiring storage over the Summer Holidays, or your office needs to store some files for a few months, or if you need to store some summer clothes over the winter months a pick up and delivery service could be exactly what you need.
Storage By the Box
1. We send boxes, bubblewrap and parcel tape to your door.
2. You pack your boxes
3. When you are ready we then collect them from your doorstep.
4. We then store them in our modern warehouse with the latest in security to make sure they are kept safe.
5. When you are ready to have them returned just call us.
6. We then deliver back to you.
No More...
No more renting an expensive self storage room..
No more hiring a van to take the items to your self storage room...
For maximum flexibility we can collect from London ( or any UK address) and then return them to your original address or to any UK* Address...!
For more details just call us on 0800 389 9190.