Student Storage UWE University in Bristol - Daily Pick-Up Monday to Saturday

 Student Storage UWE University 1


Student Storage Over the Summer Holidays has begun early for many UWE University students in Bristol. Our first pick-up from UWE was on 11 May and we are now a regular feature on campus providing daily pick-ups (Mon - Sat) through to the end of June. 

As well as picking up boxes (we offer three different sizes) we have also been picking up and storing individual items ranging from single mattresses to office chairs. Because we use our own vans we can store a wide range of items including fridges, bikes, suitcases.


1. In a matter of minutes you can order however many small, medium or large boxes you require. We’ll also include a generous amount of bubble wrap and parcel tape, so you can pack everything away safely. As long as you store your boxes with Door2Door, they’re FREE - including delivery to your address at UWE University. If you want to store an item that doesn’t easily fit in a box then you can do that too - look at our Pricing Page for details.





2. Once your packing supplies have been delivered its time to begin packing up for the summer so you can move out and start your summer holidays! We suggest that you begin packing 5-7 days before your assigned move-out day. Remember, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff over the academic year! Pack your items into our boxes. Our packing tips will help you keep everything safe.

3. No need to hire a van or drive to a self storage warehouse. On your selected date we will pick up your boxes for FREE and store them for the Summer in one of our 24 Hour CCTV Monitored, climate controlled warehouses.

4. When you come back for the start of the next academic term, we will deliver your items back to you. Alternatively, for a small additional charge, we can ship your boxes to any UK University or UK mainland address.

Order NOW..!

Our friendly help team have taken lots of calls and emails giving packing advice and arranging pick-ups. If you have any questions please call us on 0800 389 9190 or email me at